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I am amazed on the products people have come up with. All things are possible.  That came to a reality for me when my white dishwasher stood out. Three years ago I bought a new range and microwave. They were both stainless steel. However, the dishwasher worked just fine so I couldn’t see the expense of purchasing a new one, just because it didn’t match. After I painted my cabinets. I noticed that the dishwasher did stand out.


In my texting conversation with my sister in law, she said to “paint it”. I was thinking oh yeah right, that will look awful. She then sent me a link to a product. I read about Liquid Stainless Steel and I went to and found it was a reasonably priced. For $25.00 I thought I would purchase it.


The kit came with the stainless steel paint, top coat, a foam brush and instructions. It said to shake well and stir often. It also said two to three coats but I applied 6-7 coats. Maybe it was an overkill but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any white showing. The only thing I didn’t care for is I had to mask off the instrument panel of the dishwasher. I couldn’t paint over it. It would be like taking a can good without a label. They recommended 1-3 coats of top coat and I went with two. I was satisfied with the results and $25.00 well spent.

The instructions say not to clean it with anything but a soft cloth and mild soap. If it was a refrigerator I would have to wait 14 days before putting magnets on. I do think my white refrigerator is next but I think I will just wait to see how this new technique holds up. I hope this helps and you take a chance to update your appliance.


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