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Branch Centerpiece


Who says only Christmas trees can be in the house? I walked around my yard and found a branch that was somewhat uniform. You don’t have to be as picky as picking out a Christmas tree but you do need to look for fullness. If your neighbor has  a better looking tree, just sneak over and help them prune their tree.

I used spray paint, that I had on hand, to spray it. This even worked to spray outside, below freezing. Hold the very end and rotate the branch until you get the coverage you like. You may need to used a 2nd coat if you see any wood coming through.


Find a tall glass container or vase for the base. Next go to your craft store and buy a floral foam brick. You may need to cut to fit and place it in your vase. The one pictured has the hole where I literally shoved that branch down in the middle. Make sure you prune any small branches at the base before you stick it in the foam.


Since my vase was clear I need to hide the foam. I purchased a iridescent filler. It reminds me of the Easter grass you would put in baskets. The sparkle of the filler gives it another Winter feel.


I originally made this for Christmas and I had “icicles” crystals hanging from the branches. I decided to make it a Valentines Day theme after the new year. I found just what I was looking for. These are gift tags and already had the ribbon on them. I purchased them at Hobby Lobby.

Update – I added colored Easter eggs for the Spring season. They came with ribbon to hand like an ornament. It was calling for me to add to this branch.

This is a inexpensive craft that I put in the attic and brought out again this Winter. If you have the vase on hand, like I did, you should only have $20 or less into this project.

Have fun!!


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