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Board Paintings


I love to paint for the different seasons. The hard part is to put them away but when you bring them out again, you fall in love all over again. I have been painting on wood for years. I would say just as much as I have painted on canvas or paper. Wood paintings from Christmas has been done the most from wall hangings to ornaments. Of course many things I have painted have become a gift here and there.

For the boards I have recently painted, I started with Let It Snow. I used a 8 inch by 4 ft pine board that I had on hand, painted with acrylic paint and applied a clear varnish for protection. I love snowmen so this was fun for me to paint. I decided to show the owners of Creative Spirits, which is my part time job. After discussion it was going to be added to the line up. I had to re-create my first snowman and came up with the Fall theme and then Christmas. I keep thinking of more ideas and I have found I like to think skinny.

Please notice these have a copyright from Creative Spirits. 


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