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A Creative Gift


This acrylic painting is 24 x 24 on canvas.

My son asked me for a larger painting for Christmas. He wanted an outdoor theme and maybe with deer. I wasn’t sure if I could pull that off. As the time became closer I realized I haven’t started the painting yet. I was considering a cabin in the forest. I also knew he has said his least favorite animal is a deer. Go figure! After I pondered over it I decided the building would be a barn. We have a red barn on our property but not exactly like this one. I also decided it was going to be Winter because as I looked out my window and I saw snow.

I could have added deer, turkeys or pheasants because that is what we see on or around our property. However, we had horses, chickens, cats and dogs. Then it hit me, or my heart, he loved our golden retriever. She died of cancer and he has begged for another one. The dog is our beloved friend, Shawnee.

This painting was completed and wrapped before he came home for Christmas break. When he opened it, he was silent, then said, “is that Shawnee?”. I wasn’t sure if he was going to cry or not. This wasn’t what he asked for but it became more personal then he ever thought it would become.


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