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I saw this table at a second hand store and I new I could give it new life. Change it so someone would want it again and not just get rid of it. It is a good solid table with great craftsmanship.

I wanted to bring up the pattern that was so carefully put in this table. I started off with the bottom by applying linen chalk paint. I wanted to add a different color in some of the features so I found some interior grey paint that I had on hand. I didn’t use a lot of it, I just highlighted a few areas. Using a small detail brush, I used a dark stain to highlight the grooves to make it pop.


I used a special dark Minwax to add a finish that also smoothed out some of that stain. It also gives it a little texture.


I was happy with the bottom and then I had to figure out what to do with the table top.


It wasn’t as good of shape as the bottom. It looked like it could have had some minor water damage. I sanded the top but I couldn’t get the look I was hoping for. I would have loved to be able to sand it down and stain it. I decided on painting the top black but I still could see a few “bubbles”. I decided to go with the paper bag application.


Normally you would use wallpaper paste but I didn’t have any and I don’t live near an area to get it easily, so I used Mod Podge. I do like to have that on hand. I ripped up a roll of brown paper and applied it on a glued surface. It also has to be applied to the top. After it dried and I cut the edges, I went over it with my black paint again. I still wasn’t satisfied with the look and debating taking it all off again. I went to my acrylic paint and put some gold paint on my pallet and rubbed some paint on with a paper towel. Then I was satisfied. I had to go back and seal the edges again because there was a few spots that were a little “loose”.

A totally new transformation. It became a little more classy as well.


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