This organizer can be used for many options to organize your bathroom or just decorating your home. The lids will come off and in most cases would be left off. I great option is to fill them with potting soil and planting herbs. I think I may do that. I will summarize how I did these.


I used a 1×6 pine board and cut them into 2 feet. I stained all of the boards with a stain I had on hand. Because I have used chalk paint on several previous projects I decided I wanted to have some in the linen color. Having the dark stain underneath would help when distressing the chalk paint and give it a little pop after I lightly sanded the surface. I then applied a dark Minwax finish.

I put two hangers on the top edge down 1/2 inch and about three inches from the ends.


I have four hose clamps on each board. The problem I had was to get a hole in them. I don’t have a fancy drill press but I used a Dremel to cut it. My son wanted to help and I gave him this job and I think he did a great. He used a drill bit also.


I measured and marked the spacing of the rings.


I used 3/4 inch wood screws to fasten them on.

To tighten the hose clamps use a straight screw driver. Make sure your jar is placed just under the lid.

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