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Barnwood Vanity

A friend shared his recent work with me and I wanted to share it. It is made of reclaimed barn wood. Around Iowa, and many other area, old barn wood can be a gem to find. Especially some that is in great shape. The character is what brings people to love it.

Tom Larson is a single father of two teenage daughters. One of them wanted one and he made it out of old pallets. When you make one for one daughter, you need to make one for the other. He went from pallets to barn wood.

He made the base first and is 18″ deep, 38 wide by 29 tall.

The mirror is 29×25 and this part takes more time and a trip to the hardware store. Buying lights, a light switch and a plug in. I noticed he used 4 outlets. Smart man since girls use multiple hair curling irons and a blow dryer. Maybe even a phone charger. The light switch makes it easy to turn the lights on and off.

I see great craftsmanship and a great idea.

I could also see this without a mirror but a bulletin or chalk board for those little detailed project.


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