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This is a pencil drawing on 14×17 Canson drawing paper.

This is a drawing of my niece many years ago. I was doing  some experimenting with  my camera and lighting. This was Easter afternoon and she had received candy from grandma. My mom had this antique baby buggy and staged with a old blanket and porcelain doll. I set my niece by the large window and took her sucker away from her and placed it in the buggy. She is reaching for it when I took this picture. I did not make her cry and I hope I didn’t corrupt her for life but sometimes you have to use extreme to capture the photo. The photo became this portrait. I apologize I can’t find the photo for you to view. Hint… it looks like this but in color. 

In my drawing class at Iowa State University, we talked a lot of using the gray scale from 1-9. One being all white and ten being all black. That also applies with photos. When  I look at a photo in photoshop, I need to make sure there is “dots” in all areas. This photo was taken before I had a digital camera, they were low resolution at time. Every once in awhile I find a photo that I have taken and want to do a drawing or painting. It is an excellent tool to capture the moment and study it later.


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