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Joy Stained/Beveled Glass



This is a blend of beveled and stained glass. I purchased the JOY bevel clusters and once I had it I had to plan on what I was going to do around it. I decided to give it a border. This will make it stronger then to just have the joy and holly by itself. Once I drew out my pattern I ordered bevels for the border.

I had to decide what glass to put in between the bevels. I knew the 3 red (berries) glass beads and the green leaves were set but the color around it was what I had to consider. I seem to always use this bubble clear glass. It is one of my favorites. I have also used the bubbled glass in a light green. For this piece that would have worked. I may also like to see this in a light gold. The joy bevels may have stood out better. If I choose to do this again, I may consider these options.




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