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This vintage dresser has been on the move many times. My sister purchased it at an auction and painted it off white. This was her dresser for college. Not long after I used it for college. In between moves it sat in my moms garage. I continued to use it after college as my personal dresser. My son needed a new dresser and I was thinking about buying him a new one, then thought, wait a minute… I need the new dresser so this became his. He went to college but did not take this dresser. I decided to transform it to look very different.

I had seen pictures of suitcases painted on drawers. I thought, “that was cool”. Then I looked into the room and looked at the cream colored dresser and had that vision. I did the top drawer and decided it was going okay. I did one drawer at a time without a lot of planning on color and how they were going to be designed.

Since this was a wardrobe I had the door to deal with. I went with a red border since I didn’t use red in the drawers and thought it would be another good color. Painting everything else black made everything “pop” and look more classy. I added chalkboard paint in the center for fun.

I wonder how many more years, or moves, I will get out of this dresser. Hopefully for awhile. It was well made!!



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