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Designing for the RV Businesses

I have had many people wonder what I do in my day job. The people that know me are aware of my creativity but don’t know what I do during the work day. I design the exterior paint schemes for the RV businesses. I found some samples on-line of the ones I designed. RV dealers posts photos so that is how I am able to get them.

It is exciting to hear when a customer picks my design to be used for their production for at least one year and sometimes more. I have done more then just the samples that I have shown but I found a variety of large and small motorhomes and 5th wheel trailers as well.

I also work with customers who have an older motorhome, or 5th wheel, and don’t want  to purchase a brand new one. I create their one of a kind design and help them  pick colors. I don’t paint these but for some of my designs, I do have to create files for a spray mask. A vinyl spray mask is put together like a puzzle and is a stencil for the painters to go by.

My favorite part of doing these designs is to be able to see them in person. Even though I work on a computer and see them from my monitor, it has a much different appearance to see the large “canvas”. Seeing them driving down the road is even a larger reward. I say, “I did that”.

Again, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. In this case, it is very large.



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