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High School Sports


I have a Creative Mix because I don’t only paint, draw, stained glass, home improvements or flea market flips, I am a graphic designer. I have been in printing for many years but my full time job now is designing on a much larger canvas, a motorhome. Yes, all those fancy paint jobs you see going down the road or parked in the campgrounds. That is what I do.

The prepress printing days still come to me and I do a little freelance. My latest job has been working with the high school that I attended (not that many years ago). There is an organization called the sports boosters. I made several sports posters and programs. For the kids, this is a keep sake and is exciting to see them on paper. It is also a reminder of team work – No “I” in team!! I did donate several hours in the work I did for them because I was on a team in this school too.

The posters didn’t take that much time but the programs did. The Fall program was 8 pages and the Winter program was sixteen pages. I had to create ads for each sponsor to the size of ad that was purchased. I had submitted photos of the teams, roster and schedules of each team. There was a page for those who donated and a letter for those who wanted to donate to the sports boosters. They originally wanted to have this printed in all color but the printing cost was higher then they expected.

My work for them is not over. I will continue to finish this school year with Spring and Summer sports and activities.


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