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There are a few ways to repurpose a colander and I did mine as a hanging flower “basket”.

I liked this one because of the star pattern it has. Because colanders have holes they are able to drain very well. Just keep that in mind with what you have below it.

This was spray painted in a flat yellow painted. You can use a chain and hooks that can be purchased at your hardware store. In this one, it was twine. The twine gives it a more “country” then a chain and I do live in the country so this is fitting for me. Just keep in mine that twine will wear out faster then a chain. I will definitely have to keep this out of winter elements.

Something that can be done is line the bottom with a moss. I used straight potting soil and will find out if that was a good way to go or not.

Colanders can also be used as centerpieces.  The possibilities are endless and can be very fun and a conversation piece.


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