Angel wings

Multi Media painting

This is on a 4’x4’ painting on canvas. it is multi media because it isn’t just acrylic paint but added medium of gesso and impasto.

it took me a while to decide what paint on the canvas but I had the image of angel wings so I had to create it. I started with multiple colors all around the canvas and used a pallet knife to spread them out. At times the black took over so I had to add more colors, until I found what I needed. I even did the edges. I wanted this texture to be my background.

I did not sketch out the wings before hand but just went for it. I used gray paint to get the shape and then add some pearl white. Once I got the shape, I mix the medium with the pearl white and spread them on with a plastic spoon to get the texture of the wing. I also had a little gray added here and there. I had to go back-and-forth to make sure that both sides are equal. The hardest part was waiting for it to dry because when you add the medium it takes longer. Once it was dry I applied glue in random spots to flow with the wings and applied some gold leaf. When that dried then I lightly brushed off the excess gold.


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