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Umbrella Painting


This is a 14×18 acrylic painting also has a little bit of impasto with a pallet knife. This is a little more abstract because of the technique I used. I am still experimenting but I am finding I like the effect and texture it gives.

I have always chosen to use acrylic paint over oils because of the oder. I am not used to the long length of time of drying by using impasto. Acrylic paint dries quickly.

The Purpose of Impasto: The effect of impasto in a painting serves several purposes.

  • It adds a surface topography that is capable of reflecting light, which imparts a sculptural quality to a painting and is useful for accenting surface form.
  • It can indicate the gestural force of the painter adding more expression to a painting.
  • It can be used to create areas of visual fascination due to its variance from surface consistency.

Impasto has been used from some of our famous painters, such as, Van Gogh. He used it to convey feelings and emotion. It also give dimension to paintings and was used by many Impressionism and Expressionism painters.