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Draft Horse Drawing

Draft horse drawing16×20 Pencil Drawing

I went to Heritage Park in Forest City, IA for their horse and mule show and I knew a couple that owned a team of Percherons. I took several pictures for them but this horse and I had a bond. Her name is Frannie. Once I saw this photo, I thought, I need to draw that. I will find that I could be holding on to an idea or image and it will stay in my head until I put it down on paper or canvas.

I have been painting horses lately but I knew right away that I wanted to do this in pencil. It may be that it was a black horse with a black harness. I feel that I was able to get more detail in the harness with pencil then I would have in paint.

I was told from the owner that Frannie is the more spirited one of the two. Maybe that is why she kept looking for me when I was taking her picture. I wonder how they can tell them apart.

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A Vintage Drawing

my grandma drawing
11×14 pencil and colored powder.

I did this drawing from a photo that I love and it happens to be my grandma. Since I do not have the original photo, I thought I would re-create it for myself. My grandma was born in 1906 and we are guessing this was taken around 1010. She probably had to sit still for awhile for a photo to be taken but one of my favorite thing about vintage photos is the way the hand painting applied on them.

When I first started this drawing, I intended to leave it just black and white but no, I wanted a subtle color added. The pipping on her dress looked like a hot pink watercolor paint and a little was added on the locket. I used a dark pink colored pencil. The cheeks I used actual blush from my makeup. I used a paint brush and not one that I use on myself. The blue eyes and on the bow are blue so I used blue eye shadow. I used bronzing foundation powder on the dress but it didn’t show up as well but I highlighted some areas with a tan eye shadow and it seemed to work.

Colorizing a drawing was a fun experience and I found I love to do vintage photos. I just wished my grandmas was here to see it.

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Portrait Drawings

16×20 Pencil and Charcoal on Canson 70# paper.

I made these for two of my nieces that will be graduating from high school this Spring.  I had taken their senior pictures this past Fall  and asked them to pick their favorite photo and I surprised them with these drawings. Of course adding the horse to one of these made that drawing take longer.

I do feel bad that I didn’t start doing these to my other niece and nephews. I have only done one for my son, years ago, and it sits in a drawing tablet. I wasn’t crazy about it. I may have some catching up to do.

I do really enjoy doing this so I hope to do more in the future.


I did this drawing, of the same girl without the horse, many years ago.

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This is a pencil drawing on 14×17 Canson drawing paper.

This is a drawing of my niece many years ago. I was doing  some experimenting with  my camera and lighting. This was Easter afternoon and she had received candy from grandma. My mom had this antique baby buggy and staged with a old blanket and porcelain doll. I set my niece by the large window and took her sucker away from her and placed it in the buggy. She is reaching for it when I took this picture. I did not make her cry and I hope I didn’t corrupt her for life but sometimes you have to use extreme to capture the photo. The photo became this portrait. I apologize I can’t find the photo for you to view. Hint… it looks like this but in color. 

In my drawing class at Iowa State University, we talked a lot of using the gray scale from 1-9. One being all white and ten being all black. That also applies with photos. When  I look at a photo in photoshop, I need to make sure there is “dots” in all areas. This photo was taken before I had a digital camera, they were low resolution at time. Every once in awhile I find a photo that I have taken and want to do a drawing or painting. It is an excellent tool to capture the moment and study it later.