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“Cy” Tree

red orange tree

16×20 Acrylic and Impasto on Canvas.

I did this painting because of a previous posting I did a painting called red tree. I had the red tree in my office and a colleague thought I needed one next to it. Both paintings have a black frame for canvas. I bought mine from Amazon and they work great for canvas. They are attached to the canvas by velcro.

I am calling it “cy tree” because I used some gold and red in the tree and I am an Iowa State alumni and that is our school colors. Of course I do know that when those two colors are mixed together they create an orange color but there are some gold highlights. I did add a little bit of white, black and two shades of red.

The impasto was used only on the background. I used a pallet knife and mixed it with the black and white paint and “scraped” the paint from the edges inward. I also mixed it with the brush for the middle. Anyone who has worked with impasto knows it takes a little longer to dry. I set this aside for a couple of days and I added the trunk and branches. Then did the layers of the trees. I started with the dark colors, then the mixture of red and finishing with the highlights.

I don’t know how this looks with the original red tree but I am okay with it for now. I may decide to separate them. The red tree is centered in the space, where as this goes outside the “box”. Sometimes I like to think outside the box.

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Flowering Tree

flower-tree painting

8×16 Acrylic and impasto painting on canvas.

This small painting was an experiment I wanted to do to explore more with impasto. I never did get the look I was hoping for but I think I need to try it in a larger scale. Over all, I am pleased with the colors. I have four different colors in the background, 4-5 in the tree and three in the purple flowers. I do try to have depth when I paint and using multiple colors does help that.

I will continue to do more exploring until I get the technique with the impasto, brush and pallet knife.

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Horse Jumping

horse jumping painting
20×26 acrylic painting

I have painted a few horses now but I decided to tackle the front view of a horse jumping. Back in my showing days, I did not do jumping but in the last few years I have been around because my two nieces love it.

Horses are great athletes. Capturing, even the front view, has shown part of that. I did do some sketches prior of painting this. I needed to develop the technique of the horse. I have “clipped up” many horses legs, faces, ears and cleaned out hooves. I use this memory while painting or drawing.  I tell people to paint what you know and what you enjoy. Yes, this is mine.

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Painted Barnwood


One advantage of living on an acreage is having an old barn. My barn has siding over siding.

This board was on the ground, because the barn shows signs of age. I was about to add the board to a burn pile but decided to resurrect it. It has holes where nails once gave it a purpose.

I decided to paint flowers in bright colors on it. I used acrylic paint but it is hard to paint on this rough surface. The wood grain has deep grooves in it that you wouldn’t see in a new board you would buy. Barn wood is a popular way to decorate you home and adding a rustic charm.

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Reclaimed Bi-fold Door


This is a trash to treasure project. Something that most would have thrown away, I found a new life for this bi-fold door.

This door was a salvage from a home that was going to be torn down. The house was built in the 1910’s but this would have been added much later. There was only one door and that makes me think that it may have came from a small closet, such as a linen closet. It would have had to been a remodeled room because a craftsman home wouldn’t have a bi-fold door.

I did have a vision for this and since it is close to July, I went with a patriotic theme. I chose the inside of the door. The inside didn’t have as much paint but it was the way it was folded that I chose the back.

I started off with sanding the entire door to get any loose paint or wood off. I then painted the outer edge with a linen chalk paint. I had it on hand from previous projects. It wouldn’t have to be chalk paint. Then I painted the stripes, blue top and then the star. I waited 24 hours, then went over the entire door with stain by rubbing it on with a soft cloth. When I came to the white stripes, I wiped more of the stain away so it would be a “old white” but not to dark.

I haven’t painted the back yet but I could do something to that too and this will become reversible. Maybe an opposite season… a snowman.

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Umbrella Painting


This is a 14×18 acrylic painting also has a little bit of impasto with a pallet knife. This is a little more abstract because of the technique I used. I am still experimenting but I am finding I like the effect and texture it gives.

I have always chosen to use acrylic paint over oils because of the oder. I am not used to the long length of time of drying by using impasto. Acrylic paint dries quickly.

The Purpose of Impasto: The effect of impasto in a painting serves several purposes.

  • It adds a surface topography that is capable of reflecting light, which imparts a sculptural quality to a painting and is useful for accenting surface form.
  • It can indicate the gestural force of the painter adding more expression to a painting.
  • It can be used to create areas of visual fascination due to its variance from surface consistency.

Impasto has been used from some of our famous painters, such as, Van Gogh. He used it to convey feelings and emotion. It also give dimension to paintings and was used by many Impressionism and Expressionism painters.

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Rugged Boat

Acrylic and impasto on canvas-Rugged Boat

“Rugged Boat”

This is a 14×18 acrylic painting with some impasto and a pallet knife. I did this just for fun and doing some experimenting with the impasto. If or when I do this again I will skip the impasto for this particular painting. I don’t think it needed it.

I called it a rugged boat because it it looks like it has had many years of being in the water and is now beached, worn and tired.

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16×20 Acrylic on Canvas. This is a cropped photo.

I was asked to do a painting for a fundraiser in April, 2015. This is what I did.

A lake is a relaxing place for me. I can see myself sitting on the end of this dock having my legs hanging off the edge. Just taking in the view and watching nature. Coffee in the sunrise and a glass of wine in the sunset.

One of my happy places🙂

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This is a smaller acrylic painting on canvas and a gift for my dad.

It is a common sight, in Iowa, to see antique tractor rides. Of course this is in the Summer months. You will see all makes and models and some hold flags with pride. My dad is also one of those people who love the rides.

I wanted to paint an old tractor for him and I haven’t done that before. I decided I need to take photos of a variety of tractors this Summer so I can explore this subject further.


I think I will see a few.🙂