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Texture Glass Art

1F4AF6D4-BEE9-4338-A42E-4C266CABFE07Approximately 8 1/4 x 14 1/4

I drew this piece up to basically use up some glass I had on hand. I have collected the different textured glass over the years  and decided to add just a small amount of color. The glass beads were also left over from a previous project.  They are purchased by the bag so they last awhile.

The challenge of this piece is to make the round cut. I don’t have the tools to make a good round cut so I used my grinder. It took awhile but I was able to get it done.

This is a more modern piece that I would normally do but it was fun to explore a new option.

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Beveled Glass Window


34×16 Bevels and frosted glass.

I purchased the middle beveled glass clusters and laid them on a large sheet of paper. I then drew around the bevels and made a pattern before going to a stained glass retail store. I picked a textured glass for another visual element. I could have gone with a colored glass but my vision for this was all clear.

I ordered the wooden frame online. It came in long pieces. I just had to cut the wood by using a miter saw.

I had to ask the current owner of this to take a photo for me. I agree with her, it can be challenging. It fits nicely in their bay window.