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A Vintage Drawing

my grandma drawing
11×14 pencil and colored powder.

I did this drawing from a photo that I love and it happens to be my grandma. Since I do not have the original photo, I thought I would re-create it for myself. My grandma was born in 1906 and we are guessing this was taken around 1010. She probably had to sit still for awhile for a photo to be taken but one of my favorite thing about vintage photos is the way the hand painting applied on them.

When I first started this drawing, I intended to leave it just black and white but no, I wanted a subtle color added. The pipping on her dress looked like a hot pink watercolor paint and a little was added on the locket. I used a dark pink colored pencil. The cheeks I used actual blush from my makeup. I used a paint brush and not one that I use on myself. The blue eyes and on the bow are blue so I used blue eye shadow. I used bronzing foundation powder on the dress but it didn’t show up as well but I highlighted some areas with a tan eye shadow and it seemed to work.

Colorizing a drawing was a fun experience and I found I love to do vintage photos. I just wished my grandmas was here to see it.

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Umbrella Painting


This is a 14×18 acrylic painting also has a little bit of impasto with a pallet knife. This is a little more abstract because of the technique I used. I am still experimenting but I am finding I like the effect and texture it gives.

I have always chosen to use acrylic paint over oils because of the oder. I am not used to the long length of time of drying by using impasto. Acrylic paint dries quickly.

The Purpose of Impasto: The effect of impasto in a painting serves several purposes.

  • It adds a surface topography that is capable of reflecting light, which imparts a sculptural quality to a painting and is useful for accenting surface form.
  • It can indicate the gestural force of the painter adding more expression to a painting.
  • It can be used to create areas of visual fascination due to its variance from surface consistency.

Impasto has been used from some of our famous painters, such as, Van Gogh. He used it to convey feelings and emotion. It also give dimension to paintings and was used by many Impressionism and Expressionism painters.

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This is a pencil drawing on 14×17 Canson drawing paper.

This is a drawing of my niece many years ago. I was doing  some experimenting with  my camera and lighting. This was Easter afternoon and she had received candy from grandma. My mom had this antique baby buggy and staged with a old blanket and porcelain doll. I set my niece by the large window and took her sucker away from her and placed it in the buggy. She is reaching for it when I took this picture. I did not make her cry and I hope I didn’t corrupt her for life but sometimes you have to use extreme to capture the photo. The photo became this portrait. I apologize I can’t find the photo for you to view. Hint… it looks like this but in color. 

In my drawing class at Iowa State University, we talked a lot of using the gray scale from 1-9. One being all white and ten being all black. That also applies with photos. When  I look at a photo in photoshop, I need to make sure there is “dots” in all areas. This photo was taken before I had a digital camera, they were low resolution at time. Every once in awhile I find a photo that I have taken and want to do a drawing or painting. It is an excellent tool to capture the moment and study it later.