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This little side table was brought to me by a friend. She thought I would change it and I did just that. I started my plan with the bottom, which I find myself doing often. I used a blue chalk paint and scrapbook paper for the front of the drawer. I debated to use the existing pull to the drawer or purchase a new one. I just painted the existing one the same color as the legs so it would be balanced.

Then I had to figure out the table top. I was disappointed when I received it because it wasn’t the original top. Someone used plywood and made a top. That changed my original plan on sanding and staining the top. Plywood is not smooth, at least not this quality. I decided to use paper and Mod Podge.


Once it is all applied I cut the edge to align with the edge of the table. Then I painted the top with black paint. I also put silver acrylic paint and rubbed it on the top with a paper towel. I find that with this type of table top, people can’t help but touch it.