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Be Our Guest sign

IMG_07968.5×27 Inch acrylic and stain on wood.

I made this home decor by cutting the wood to fit the lettering I wanted to apply. I used a “8 inch” board, but they are never a true 8 inches. I used a 1.5×1 inch board for the boarder.

I stained all of the wood and all sides of the border but only the top on the largest board. I let the stain dry over night then applied some white acrylic paint. I did paint it thicker in some areas and after it was dry I lightly sanded it, applying more pressure on the edges.

I picked the quote, “be our guest”, only because it is a different way of saying welcome. I did not do it after the Beauty and the Beast movie, however I did have the song, Be Our Guest, in my head. Okay, I am thinking of that song right now. Then I hand painted the letters on with black acrylic paint. Once the top was dry, I glued the border on and used finishing nails for extra support. I also applied a light layer of clear varnish on the top.

Time to find a spot to place it.

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Pantry Sign

14×46 inch stain and acrylic on wood.

I was honored when I was asked to make this custom sign for a brand new home. The request was a simple non serif font to reflect an older grocery store sign. She also requested 3-4 boards and I used four.

I use layers to treat the wood. I start by a dark stain. After drying over night, I apply a white wash acrylic white paint. As it dries it will lighten so I may need to add more white until I have the way I want it. I also grab a little bit of color paint and mixed in there randomly. It appears to be gray when I don’t add any gray paint. Her walls were painted gray so it worked well.

I do not use a stencil for the letters. I use a ruler to make it straight and draw in the letters to make sure I have the spacing correct, then paint over the marks with black acrylic paint.

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Making a Stand

Yes, making a stand and not taking a stand.

I am living in a temporary home that has a tiny garage. It was built in 1930’s and it would have been tight, even back then. I have just a little extra room in the front of the car so I have a cabinet and I needed a space for my miter saw. I could have searched for something but it wouldn’t have fit in that space the way I needed it to. I am a designer, not a carpenter, but I thought I would make one.

Usually I would sketch this out on paper but I had a vision when I went into Menards. I found the wheels first. I didn’t think I needed very large ones because I am not going to have a lot of weight on this. Then I went to find the square posts. The smallest they had was a 4×4 and I thought they seems a bit large but it was perfect. I used 1×6 pine boards on the top and 1×3 on the sides. I have some scrap boards sitting on the bottom and I may make a shelf some day.

This was the perfect fit. Is it pretty… no, but it is functional. When I need to use the saw, I back the car out and roll the cart to the open spot. I do have a larger board that can sit on top so I have a wider workspace. I will have to keep things tidy and put everything away, if I want to put my car back in the garage, that is.

Here are some of the things I use my miter saw for.

Hand painted lettering, with acrylic paint, on wood.